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Ideal Small Arms - Polymer magazine designed specifically for use between a number of different brands of rimfire rifles.

Made in Australia 22lr Magazine


Compatible with:-

Norinco JW25 & JW15

Brno Model 1 and Model 2

CZ452, CZ453, CZ455 & CZ512

Lithgow Crossover LA101*

Manufactured from tough PA6 (Nylon) polymer plastic. UV resistant, gun oil and lubricant resistant.

Unique Feature

Our magazines have been designed to fit several different firearms. How is that possible when each manufacturer has different dimensions? To achieve the impossible, we created magazines which are slightly oversized and can be 'shave fitted', without use of tools.


Our magazines generally fit above listed firearms without any modification.

If our magazine is a tight fit in your firearm and the magazine won't lock into place, hold the magazine release open and work the magazine backwards and forwards into the magazine well. This action shaves some material from the front of the magazine. After a few inserts, the magazine starts to fit, and the magazine release will lock on your firearm.

Use your finger nail to clean up any remaining tiny shavings curls of plastic from the front of your magazine. Repeat a few times and you'll have a perfect fitting magazine.


Misfeeding Issues in Lithgow Crossover

Ideal Small Arms rimfire magazines are primarily designed for Norinco, Brno and CZ 22lr rimfire rifles. They can also be used in Lithgow Crossover rimfire rifles.

In Lithgow Crossover rimfire rifles there is a chance the first or last round may misfeed. It's an easy fix. Follower may need some adjustment to feed perfectly. Click on pdf for instructions.

Please watch Ozzie Review video below starting at 8:10 minutes for remedy.

Shooting Stuff Australia Review


Made in Australia

Designed and developed in Australia in 2016, over ten months. Fit and function is flawless.

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