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Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila - Carbine

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Yarra Sheila in calibre 5.56 NATO and 300BLK for hunting and sport shooting. 10 round capacity magazine. Bolt action firearm. Manually operated, with left hand side charging handle.

The feasibility of this project is solely dependent upon the number of people registering an interest.  We need more expressions of interest to proceed to mass production.


  • Date - Designed on 14 August 2018 in response to a FB viewer.
  • Purpose - Manufacture an easy to use, light weight, bolt action sporting rifle for Victorian category B licensed firearm holders.
  • Calibre - Available in two popular low recoil calibres which are easy to handle by young and older shooters. Ammunition for both calibres are readily available at gun shops throughout Victoria.
  • Unique Design - Design is a combination of beauty and function. Beauty can take precedence over function when the purpose is to impress. Designed on 14 August 2018 and created with careful thought into evoking an appreciative response from purchasers. Modern design works wonderfully when focusing on innovation to create a purpose-built unique sporting firearm unlike anything which has come before.
  • Function - The purpose of our light-weight design is to offer Victorian category B licenced firearm holders an easy to use, manually operated bolt action stylish firearm. Shooters can accurately aim and shoot ten cartridges at their leasure before manually reloading after each shot.
  • Appearance - An especially brightly coloured sporting firearm to be stylish and fashionable. No boring monotone black or drab colours. No blending into the environment. This firearm stands out in any landscape.
  • Adaptation - Users can take their time to slowly and comfortably find the perfect hold for their own style of sport shooting. Comfort equals accuracy. Sights and accessories can be attached to adapt the firearm to perfectly suit the shooter.
  • Noteworthy Calming Feature - A significant feature of the Yarra Sheila is the use of colours to create a vivid brightly coloured bolt action sporting rifle, to calm laypersons who may irrationally mistaken our Yarra Sheila for a nasty black machine gun they had viewed on-line, television or at the movies.
  • Victorian Firearm Act 1996 - The Victoria Firearm Act 1996 makes provisions for all firearms to be transported out of sight of the public. Existing legislation makes it unlikely for any layperson to ever actually come in contact or physically sight a Yarra Sheila or any other firearm for that matter, being used on private property, rifle ranges or being transported.

Progress to date

On 15th August 2018, we quickly created Computer Aided Designs.

CAD and 3D Prints

Mock-up of Yarra Sheila

On 19th August 2018 we finished a mock-up for FB viewer assessment. We received alot of positive FB feedback. The colour is Becalming Blue.

Ideal Small Arms - Yarra Sheila

We hope everyone has enjoyed following our FB design process from initial FB viewer request, to a life-sized model, (imitation firearm) all in under 6 days ... it's been a whirlwind ... 

Prototyping for Police Firearm Categorisation

We're currently manufacturing prototype firearms for police categorisation. Manufacturing real firearms is very expensive and time consuming.

Pricing and Production

When we receive 500 orders, we'll go into mass production and forecast a retail price of $1990. We have not reached our target number yet and a lesser number shall cost more to produce.

Expressions of interest

We are currently manufacturing prototype firearms for police categorisation.

We continue to seek expressions of interest to proceed to mass production of over 500 units.

If you are interested in purchasing a Yarra Sheila and wish to get on a waiting list, we'd like to hear from you. Please fill in the enquiry form located on the right side of this page. (We're not asking for any money)

Prices are cash with effect from 31 December 2018, and subject to change depending upon initial orders received.

Yarra Sheila Carbines - Get on Waiting List

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