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Norinco Hunting rifles for Sale

Norinco LogoNorinco rifles are one of the best value for money .22lr rifles available on the market.

Acme Firearm's most popular brand of entry level hunting rifle for younger shooters. Norinco JW15A's are very similar in design and performance to Brno rimfire rifles. Many new shooters start out with Norinco JW15A's. Parents generally prefer their children to try the sport and see how they progress before committing to more expensive equipment.

The best part of Norinco rimfire rifles is they shoot as well out of the box as Brno rifles, which they closely replicate.

Sure, each Norinco rifle has a somewhat 'agricultural finish', but doesn't take away from its accuracy. The only common flaw we encounter, is the unreliability of Norinco steel rimfire magazines. Acme Firearms recommends replacing with a genuine CZ/Brno magazine for flawless function. Click here for link to CZ magazines.

If you want to get the kids outside and enjoying the great outdoors, start with a Norinco rimfire rifle. Don't forget to replace the magazine with a CZ/Brno magazine for flawless function.

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Prices are cash with effect from 16 Apr 2017, and subject to change without notice.

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