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Pistol Camera

Laser, Light, Microphone and Digital Camera for video or stills. $490

Pistol Camera and laserIncludes additional Remote Switch for Longarms plus Software.

  • PistolCam® - Automatically begins audio/video documentation upon removal from holster. 7 day stand-by capable.
  • MPEG 4 Video/Audio - Movie quality video with sound at 30 frames per second. 60 minute record time. Password protected security system.
  • Audio - Omni-directional microphone, 44db sensitivity.
  • Auto Stills - Recoil Stills at 3.2 million pixels, stores up to 800 still photos as well as 1 hour of video.  Memory 512Mb.
  • Laser Targeting - Laser can be pre-set to auto-activate at your pre-determined discretion.  Class IIIA, 3mw, 637nm red dot
  • Tactical Illuminator - Tactical LED Illuminator 120 Lumens
  • Rechargable Battery - Integrated, “State of the Art”, power management system provides for superior run times, economical in cruiser recharge option.
  • Encrypted Software - Protects evidence integrity allowing for, “Chain of Custody”, protocols and for preservation of “Video Documentation”.
  • Remote Screen Viewing - Remote viewing allows training instructors to view target images in real time.

Colour video of AR-15 firing Nato 5.56mm ammunition, includes sound recording.

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