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Haendler and Natermann Air Pellets

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Premium quality H&N air pellets to keep you on target.

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The most extensive range of H&N air pellets from a single manufacturer, now available in Australia.

All pellets are generally in stock and available for immediate delivery.

We offer Haendler and Natermann air pellets in 5 different calibre sizes, .177", .20", 22", .25" and .35". H&N is renown throughout the world for producing high quality air pellets with ongoing product innovation.

If you want to choose from a wide and varied selection of air pellets, you've come to the right place.

Haendler and Natermann catering for modern high powered air gunners and hobby plinkers.  Target shooters shooting out to 50 metres can now fine tune with various head sizes for their barrel. New copper coated H&N pellets which are 20% harder and leave minimal fouling in barrels for improved penetration, grouping and accuracy. .20cal and .25cal H&N pellets for serious vermon destruction. .35cal for large game hunting.

Energy Values and Ballistic Coefficient

Ballistic Coefficient (BC) describes influences on deceleration of an airgun pellet caused by air resistance and is a measurement of its capability to overcome air resistance. This deceleration is dependent on shape, mass and cross-sectional area of pellet. 

Click .pdf to open Coefficient Data Sheets.

H&N BC_17cal.pdf - - - H&N BC_20cal.pdf - - - H&N BC_22cal.pdf - - - H&N BC_25cal.pdf

The values were obtained under the following conditions:- Air Pressure 1013 hPa - Temperature 20 °C - Altitude 20 m - Air Density 1.197 kg/m3

Haendler and Natermann Air Pellets Available Now!

Most Haendler and Natermann pellets are available for immediate supply. To purchase H&N air pellets, follow instructions listed at the bottom of webpage.

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Click .pdf to open data sheets and video


Download Catalog - H&N _Pellets_Catalog.pdf

Send us an email to order on-line. Please include H&N product code, quantity required, your name and delivery address and we'll send you a no obligation quotation with payment options.

To achieve the best results from your H&N air pellets, clean the barrel!

We recommend and sell VFG felt barrel cleaners and Ballistol Oil. It's not rocket science!

We ship air pellets by Australia Post or Courier. All air pellet sales are subject to purchaser producing a valid licence.

Prices are cash with effect from 15 Apr 2019, and subject to change without notice.

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