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SportsMatch UK Scope Rings

SportsMatch UK manufactures high quality scope rings for secure mounting of scopes onto rimfire rifles and air guns.

SportsMatch Mounts SportsMatch mounts are ideal for benchrest target shooters with large front optics.

Quality UK made ring mounts with lifetime warranty.

Solid fitting of telescopic optics to your firearm is essential for proper functioning of sights. Heavy duty solid mounts which suit your set up are the foundation of successful shooting. SportsMatch UK scope ring mounts include socket head keys to ensure you’ve got the tools to get the job done.

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Tips on setting up a scope on your firearm

Step 1 - Ensuring your scope is Mechanically Centred.

Count the number of turns the turrets travel from one extreme to the other until you run out of adjustment travel.  If the total turns counted were 12, wind in 6 turns and this should give you equal adjustment for both directions.  Your scope is now mechanically centred.

Step 2 - Ensuring your scope is Optically Centred.

Place your rifle in a benchrest or cradle. Mount the bottom halves of your ring mounts onto the rifle. Seat the scope onto the rings. Look through the scope and rotate it 360° checking the reticle stays in the same position.  Should it rotate off centre, adjust the turrets so the reticle remains in the centre as if a hub of a wheel. The scope is now optically centred and this ensures that your sight picture is optimally viewed through the thickest point of each lens. 

Step 3 - Ensuring your scope is Elevation Zeroed.

Set your target at the desired range (50 metres – 100 metres). Place your rifle squarely in a benchrest or sandbag at the firing point. Seat the scope onto the bottom half of your ring mounts. Check your eye relief for optimum sight picture. Check the windage and elevation turrets are in the correct position and the reticule is set square. Lightly clamp the scope into position with the top half of the rings. Bore sight your rifle onto the centre of the target. Check the aiming point of the reticule is on the centre of the target. If the point of impact is only a couple of turns away from centre, use the turrets to get on target. You may need to pack the back ring of the scope to get on target.  Keep packing the ring with the goal of using the minimum turret turns to get the elevation zeroed. Retighten ring screws after firing a few shots.

Step 4 - Packing Correctly.

Use a sheet of aluminium kitchen foil cut to 400mm x 100mm. Fold the 100mm edge over 5mm and then 7mm in a zig-zag increasing by 2 mm with each fold. Cut the foil to fit the width of the ring. Add foil to the bottom of the ring to lift the scope. An excessive amount of packing may indicate a problem with the set up and may need to be checked by a gunsmith. Aluminium foil is not affected by humidity.

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