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Ideal Small Arms - '20-Plus' snap-locks onto Magpul Pmag magazine base to create increased magazine length and capacity

At Acme Firearms, in our Langwarrin workshop we've designed a stackable '20-Plus' modular magazine attachment which snap-locks onto the base of a Magpul Pmag. '20-Plus' can hold up to twenty 5.56NATO/223REM/300BLK cartridges. Stack additional '20-Plus' to create even larger magazine capacities.

Magpul Pmags compatibility:- Remington 7615, Mossberg MVP, Warwick Firearms, AR15, M16, M4, HK416, SA-80 and M27

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In March 2018, after three years of development, Acme Firearms completed inhouse design and manufacture of our '20-Plus' device.

'20-Plus' is a modular magazine attachment designed to snap lock onto the base of our Ideal Small Arms 5.56NATO magazine (currently in pre-production) and can also be fitted onto Magpul Gen3 Pmag 5.56NATO magazines.

'20-Plus' increases magazine grip surface area, aiding positive insertion of magazine into firearm.

'20-Plus' capacity holds up to twenty cartridges.

Constructed from tough PA6 (Nylon) polymer plastic, weighing only 50 grams.

Send us an email to order. Please advise product code, quantity required, your name, delivery address. We'll send you a no obligation quotation with payment options. We ship '20-Plus' to Australian destinations by Australia Post from $10.20

Please check with your relevant state law enforcement authority to verify you may legally possess these articles in your particular state. Prices are cash with effect from 23 November 2018, and subject to change without notice.

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