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We have CNC machining capability to manufacture complicated firearm part designs. We are a specialist firearm parts production engineering business, able to efficiently deliver production runs of 100 units or more.

AR15 Lower RecieverIt's common to spend many hours developing a firearm part. From concept to creating a CAD file is the most time-consuming aspect to bring a customer's idea to life. The secret to successful machining is a high-quality CAD file.

We can manufacture from customer provided CAD files. To modify a customer's CAD file is often simple and other times it's easier to redraw from scratch. Either way, we'll consult with customers for best results.

Prototyping or Mass Production?

Prototyping costs vary depending upon item size, shape and material. Costs can vary between $2,000 to $15,000. After prototyping its always more cost effective to mass produce and spread costs over multiple number of parts; thereby reducing unit cost. We suggest a minimum 100 parts per order.

From Prototyping to Production

We manufacture an initial prototype from a CAD. Once a successfully prototype has been made and field tested; it's just a matter of customers deciding how many more parts are required. Machining cycle times, tooling and tool wear are factored to calculate production costs.

Case Study

A firearm license-holder required a part for a firearm. The customer only had a broken part we copied, no drawings or CAD. It became a reverse engineering job. Precise measuring and CAD cost $2,200. Machine setup and specialist tooling cost $1,400. First prototype part machined to size cost $600. Heat tIdeal Small Arms - AR15 Pistonreatment for $100. Range day to test part $350.

From CAD drawing to first part, cost $4,650. We machined another five parts with same set-up for $1,400; plus additional heat treatment $100.

Total cost of $6,150 for 6 parts = $1,025 each

Had the customer ordered 100 parts, the price would have fallen dramatically. We understand there are also monetary limits for each customer. In this case, six parts were more than enough for the customer's immediate needs.

Manufacture or in Stock?

We have the ability to manufacture complicated parts. We may have parts in our inventory you could be searching for.

Please enquire by e-mail for more information.

Please check with your relevant state law enforcement authority to verify you may legally possess manufactured articles in your particular state.

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