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Transfer of firearms from Interstate or Internationally

Firearm Transfer From Interstate

If you require a firearm transferred from interstate to Victoria, please have the sending firearm dealer contact us to complete the transfer. The fee to transfer ownership of a firearm is $AUD27.50, a handling fee of $AUD16.50 applies per package received.

Electronic Application for Permit to Acquire (PTA)- We can apply for a PTA on your behalf. PTA's are usually issued electronically within 12 - 48 hours. We charge an administrative fee of $10.00 per application to cover our labour costs for lodging the paperwork. Additional you still need to pay Vic Pol for the cost of the permit prior to being able to use it.

If you would like us to lodge the PTA on your behalf, please email your full name, licence number, expiry date, purpose; hunting or target, and all the firearm details; ie Make, Model, Calibre, Magazine capacity, etc.

Paper Application for Permit to Acquire (PTA)- You can download the latest PTA application from Victoria Police website. Alternatively download from our website; Longarms PTA here and Handguns PTA here. Complete the application and mail it to Licensing & Regulation Division. When LRD send you the Permit To Acquire, pay for it at any Westpac branch. Once paid arrange a time to pick up your firearm.

International Importation of Firearms into the State of Victoria, AustraliaInternational Importation of Firearms into the State of Victoria

If you plan to purchase firearms from an overseas seller or already own firearms and wish to import them into Australia, Acme Firearms can assist you with their importation.

We don't arrange the purchase or transporting from overseas sellers. This is something you need to sort out prior to approaching us. There are many wonderful firearms available on the internet, at incredibly cheap prices. But often sellers won't ship internationally or there are export restrictions. Because of multitude restrictions imposed by many nations, freight companies and sellers; Acme Firearms does not arrange purchases of firearms or freight. We'll leave that to the buyers. Once a buyer has found a seller who is willing to sell and export a firearm, this is when we can assist with importation into Australia. Be aware it's not just a matter of a seller wrapping and sending via the international postal service into Australia. Far from it ...

Red Hot Tip before Importing Firearms into Australia from Overseas

If you plan to import firearms into Australia please consider the following Australian requirements.

  • Be a licensed firearm holder in the State or Territory you reside.
  • In most cases an Importation of Firearms - Police Confirmation and Certificate is required prior to importation.
  • Import must comply with Federal Customs (Prohibited Import) Regulations 1956. (Please visit their website for current edition of regulations. Regulations and policy change often.)
  • Import must comply with Australian Border Force importation policy.
  • Semi-Automatic longarms require Attorney General approval prior to importation.
  • You must have approved export documents in hand from the country of origin.

Acme Firearms can act as your nominated firearm dealer should you wish to import firearms into the State of Victoria from overseas.  Acme Firearms shall apply for and arrange the necessary importation certificates, customs brokerage, customs clearance, local cartage and collection of the goods from the freight forwarders/Customs firearm cell at the customer’s expense.  A fee of $AUD365.00 is payable to Acme Firearms per shipment for up to five firearms, thereafter $AUD110.00 for each additional firearm within the same shipment. Firearms shall be transferred to the customer upon receipt of a valid Permit to Acquire, for all firearms within the shipment, at the one time.  Customers should insure all goods against loss or damage prior to appointing us as their nominated firearm dealer.

How much does an International Importation Cost? - Costs vary depending upon many factors. The biggest consideration is freight charges. Firearms generally are sent by air freight via a freight forwarding company. Freight from the US can cost you up to $AUD800.00 for a single firearm. We once received a single firearm from Canada where the buyer had arranged freight of $AUD1800.00. Other charges once landed in Australia are duties and taxes, customs and quarantine fees, adding approximately another 25% to 50% of purchase price. There are also the local freight forwarders charges.

For Example - You find a desirable firearm with wooden grips online in the US and simply must have it.  Price $US700, bargain!  Total landed price $AUD2,075 transferred and registered into your name.

Generally, it only becomes viable to import from overseas when it's a rare collectible firearm or if three or more firearms are imported. Of course, sometimes it's not about the money and more about history or sentimental value.

Information for Immigration to Australia - Australia is a federation of States and Territories. Each State or Territory has its own unique Firearm Act and each jurisdiction having subtle variations.

  • A common feature for firearm owners throughout Australia is a requirement for individuals to be firearm licence holders.
  • A firearm licence holder must give a genuine reason to apply for a licence, whereby self defence is not a permitted reason. (Target/Sport Shooting, Hunting or Primary Production is the most common approved reason)
  • Every firearm must be registered.
  • A permit is required for every firearm, requiring a genuine reason.
  • Semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic & pump action shotguns are restricted for Primary Production.
  • Handguns can generally only be used for target shooting at an approved handgun club. Handgun use is severely restricted to club use and firearm barrel lengths, calibres and types are limited.
  • All firearms and ammunition must be stored securely.

Generally speaking, immigrants moving to Australia would require their imported firearms stored with an Australian firearm dealer whilst waiting for licensing. Firearm licensing can take from 1 - 8 months. Permits can take an additional 1 - 3 months. It can be a drawn out process, especially with handguns.

We often recommend immigrants sell their firearms before arriving into Australia. If you have firearms which have sentimental value, we recommend leaving them with a friend or relative. Once you have settled in Australia and become a licensed firearm holder, only then apply to import your firearms.

There are many makes and models of firearms readily available in Australia. Firearm prices are generally the same internationally. Hence it may be financially cheaper to replace your firearms than import.

We can assist with importation and storing firearms for immigrating clients whilst they go through Australian firearm licensing process. It can become expensive, but sometimes it's not about the money, especially for heirlooms.

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