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Acme Firearms provides secure gun storage

Acme Firearms provides secure gun storage at a low price


Acme Firearms provides secure gun and ammunition storage at a low price.

Short Term Storage up to 30 days for $29.50 per firearm.

Medium Term Storage up to 60 days for $59.00 per firearm.

Long Term Storage over 60 days also available.

Bulk Storage rates available on request.



Storage Definitions

Safekeeping - Safekeeping by Acme Firearm means the act of keeping items safe in a locked and protected area.  Items delivered to Acme Firearms may require to be kept locked in a safe or protected area until retrieved by the purchaser.  Items and firearms including their separate parts, kept for safekeeping by Acme Firearm are subject to storage fees and the terms of storage.

Storage Fees - Our schedule of Storage Fees is posted on our website and can be viewed here.  Storage fees shall be paid in full, prior to the collection of any items jointly or severally.  Any items with or separate of firearms are charged at the same rate as firearms. Items with an unpaid storage fee due, of more than 180 days shall be entirely forfeited to Acme Firearms.  Items forfeited to Acme Firearms shall immediately become the unencumbered property of Acme Firearms.

Terms of Storage - All items kept for safekeeping are subject to a storage fee.  Storage fees commence immediately upon receipt of the items. Items must be clean and free of contaminates.  Firearms should be stored in their original packing box supplied by the manufacturer for optimum storage protection.  Items may be wrapped and sealed in plastic by Acme Firearms to contain the spread of mould and other contaminates.  Any contaminated or unstable items or their packaging may be disposed of by Acme Firearms without notice.

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